Cultural studies

Handbook of Children, Culture, and Violence

Nancy E. Dowd, Dorothy G. Singer, et al.

America and the Politics of Insecurity

University of Illinois at Chicago) Rojecki Andrew (Associate Professor

Is Future Given?

Belgium) Prigogine Ilya (Int'l Solvay Inst For Phys & Chemistry

Big-Time Sports in American Universities

North Carolina) Clotfelter Charles T. (Duke University

Psychological Selection and Optimal Experience Across...

Fausto Massimini, Marta Bassi, et al.

Culture on Display

Bella Dicks

Counter Culture Texas

Susie Kelly Flatau i Mark Dean

Asking Questions About Cultural Anthropology: A Concise...

Franklin Pierce University) Welsch Associate Professor of Anthropology Robert L. (Associate Professor of Anthropology i University of Vermont) Vivanco Professor of Anthropology Luis A. (Professor of Anthropology