New Testaments

James (ICC): A Critical and Exegetical Commentary

USA) Allison Dale C. (Princeton Theological Seminary Jr.

A Cosmopolitan Ideal: Paul's Declaration 'Neither Jew Nor...

Norway) Neutel Karin B. (University of Oslo

Revelation's Hymns: Commentary on the Cosmic Conflict

USA.) Grabiner Dr Steven (Outpost Centers International

Paul's Letters and the Construction of the European Self

Iran) Tofighi Dr Fatima (University of Religions

Jesus Von Nazaret

Jurgen Becker

Paulus als Wundertater

Stefan Schreiber

The Biblical Tour of Hell

USA) Hauge Professor Matthew Ryan (Azusa Pacific University

God is One': The Function of 'Eis ho Theos' as a Ground for...

USA) Bruno Hawaii Christopher R. (Antioch School

1 Peter: An Introduction and Study Guide: Reading against the...

USA) Schussler Fiorenza Elisabeth (Harvard Divinity School

A Scriptural Theology of Eucharistic Blessings

USA) Bubbers Florida and Spiritual Formation Liturgy Dr Susan I. (Center for Anglican Theology