New Testaments

John and Romans from Winkler Road

Donald Strange i UK) Sutt Plymouth UK Royal Naval Engineering College Plymouth Robert (University of Plymouth Royal Naval Engineering College

Why Mission?

Dean Flemming

Bilingual New Testament, English - Italian

Transcripture International

Mark: A Commentary

M. Eugene Boring

Acts 1 Commentary

Stephen Manley

Parables and Conflict in the Hebrew Bible

Philadelphia) Schipper Jeremy (Temple University

Marriage Gifts and Social Change in Ancient Palestine: 1200...

Memphis) Lemos Rhodes College T. M. (Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Language and Literature

The Emergence of Sin: The Cosmic Tyrant in Romans

Asso Matthew (Associate Research Scholar and Director of the Life Worth Living Program at the Yale Center for Faith and Culture

The Conversion of the Nations in Revelation

USA) McNicol Dr Allan J. (Austin Graduate School of Theology

Unmanly Men: Refigurations of Masculinity in Luke-Acts

Duke Divinity School) Wilson Assistant Professor of New Testament Brittany E. (Assistant Professor of New Testament