Nature & existence of God

The Wounded Heart of God

Andrew Sung Park

The Creative Suffering of God

Oxford) Fiddes Regent's Park College Tutor in Christian Doctrine Paul S. (Tutor in Christian Doctrine

God, Chance and Purpose: Can God Have It Both Ways?

David J. (London School of Economics and Political Science) Bartholomew

Hilary of Poitiers on the Trinity: From De Fide to De Trinitate

Beeson Divinity School) Beckwith Carl (Assistant Professor in Divinity in Church History

The Vision of God

Vladimir Lossky

Biblical Faith and Natural Theology: The Gifford Lectures for...

Tennessee) Barr Nashville Vanderbilt University Professor of the Hebrew Bible James (Professor of the Hebrew Bible

Aquinas's Way to God: The Proof in De Ente et Essentia

Queen's University Belfast) Kerr Teaching Assistant in Philolosphy Gaven (Teaching Assistant in Philolosphy

Does God Suffer?

Thomas Weinandy

God in Pain: Teaching Sermons on Suffering

Ronald J. Allen i Barbara Brown Taylor

Goddesses in World Mythology

Martha Anne i Dorothy Imel

God at War: Power in the Exodus Tradition

United Theological Seminary) Dozeman Professor of Old Testament Thomas B. (Professor of Old Testament