Ethics & moral philosophy

The Character Gap: How Good are We?

Wake Forest University) Miller A.C. Reid Professor of Philosophy Christian (A.C. Reid Professor of Philosophy

Justice and Christian Ethics

Atlanta) Gardner E. Clinton (Emory University

The Mechanics of Claims and Permissible Killing in War

Rutgers Univers and Criminal Justice Philosophy Professor of Law and Criminal Justice Philosophy Alec D. (Professor of Law

Stewardship-based Economics

Canada) Kao Raymond W Y (Ryerson Univ & Mcmaster Univ

What's Inside?

Heather R Lee

Tender Returns

Rubem Alves

The Ethics of Capital Punishment: A Philosophical...

University of Cambridge) Kramer Professor of Legal & Political Philosophy Matthew (Professor of Legal & Political Philosophy

Moral Disagreement

Folke (Stockholms Universitet) Tersman