Philosophy: logic

Pluralism: Against the Demand for Consensus

University of Pittsburgh) Rescher University Professor of Philosophy Nicholas (University Professor of Philosophy

The Philosophy of Argument and Audience Reception

Ontario) Tindale Christopher W. (University of Windsor

Rigor and Structure

John P. (Princeton University) Burgess

Logic on the Track of Social Change

Alberta) Brown University of Lethbridge Bryson (Associate Professor of Philosophy, Nova Scotia) Schotch Dalhousie University Professor of Philosophy Peter K. (Professor of Philosophy, et al.

On Custom in the Economy

University of Munich) Schlicht Professor of Economics Ekkehart (Professor of Economics

Rational Action

T. R. Harrison

Fiction Et Metaphysique

Amie L Thomasson

A Subject With No Object: Strategies for Nominalistic...

Princeton University) Burgess Professor of Philosophy John P. (Professor of Philosophy i Princeton University) Rosen Assistant Professor of Philosophy Gideon (Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Realistic Decision Theory: Rules for Nonideal Agents in...

University of Missouri-Columbia) Weirich Professor of Philosophy Paul (Professor of Philosophy

The Critical Thinking Toolkit

Peter S. Fosl, Jamie C. Watson, et al.

Vincent vender virkeligheden

Vincent F (Roskilde University Denmark) Hendricks

Elements of Moral Cognition: Rawls' Linguistic Analogy and...

Washington DC) Mikhail Georgetown University John (Professor