Philosophy: logic

Change, Choice and Inference: A study of Belief Revision and...

Germany) Rott University of Regensburg Hans (Professor of Philosophy

A Treatise on Probability

John Maynard (King's College Cambridge) Keynes

Systems of Logic

Norman M. Martin

Pluralism: Against the Demand for Consensus

University of Pittsburgh) Rescher University Professor of Philosophy Nicholas (University Professor of Philosophy

Logic on the Track of Social Change

University of Texas at Austin) Braybrooke Centennial Chair in the Liberal Arts David (Centennial Chair in the Liberal Arts, Alberta) Brown University of Lethbridge Bryson (Associate Professor of Philosophy, et al.

Fiction Et Metaphysique

Amie L Thomasson

Rational Action

T. R. Harrison

The Philosophy of Argument and Audience Reception

Ontario) Tindale Christopher W. (University of Windsor

The Critical Thinking Toolkit

Galen A. Foresman, Peter S. Fosl, et al.

Computability: Computable Functions, Logic, and the...

Walter A Carnielli i Richard L. Epstein