Western philosophy: c 1600 to c 1900

Gesammelte Schriften, Band 16 (III/Band 3), Logik

University of Pennsylvania ) Kant San Diego Immanuel (University of California

Descartes and the Passionate Mind

Deborah J. (University of Queensland) Brown

A History of Modern Aesthetics: Volume 2, The Nineteenth Century

Rhode Island) Guyer Brown University Paul (Jonathan Nelson Professor of Humanities and Philosoph

On Perpetual Peace

Immanuel Kant

Freedom and Religion in Kant and his Immediate Successors:...

Montreal) di Giovanni McGill University George (Professor

New Perspectives on Fichte

Daniel Breazeale


Timothy O'Hagan

Leibniz's Naturalized Philosophy of Mind

Skidmore College) Jorgensen Associate Professor and Chair of Philosophy Larry M. (Associate Professor and Chair of Philosophy

Kant's Revolutionary Theory of Modality

The Pennsylvania State University) Abaci Assistant Professor of Philosophy Uygar (Assistant Professor of Philosophy