Western philosophy: c 1600 to c 1900

Cinque piaghe

Antonio Rosmini-Serbati

An Introduction to Nietzsche as Political Thinker: The...

Keith (University of Warwick) Ansell-Pearson

New Perspectives on Fichte

Daniel Breazeale

Freedom and Religion in Kant and his Immediate Successors:...

Montreal) di Giovanni McGill University George (Professor

Fichte: The Self and the Calling of Philosophy, 1762-1799

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Gesammelte Schriften, Band 16 (III/Band 3), Logik

University of Pennsylvania ) Kant San Diego Immanuel (University of California

Descartes and the Passionate Mind

Deborah J. (University of Queensland) Brown

Hegel's Phenomenology: The Sociality of Reason

Washington DC) Pinkard Terry (Georgetown University

Nietzsche and Contemporary Ethics

Simon (Independent scholar) Robertson