Regional studies

A World View from Africa

Jabulani Morodi

Canadian-American Industry

Frank Southard, Kenneth W. Taylor, et al.

African Economies and the Politics of Permanent Crisis,...

Nicolas (Michigan State University) Van de Walle

Industrializing Africa

Makonnen Alemayehu

Greece: The Modern Sequel: From 1821 to the Present

Thanos Veremis i John S. Koliopoulos

Filling the Void

Matthew Phillips

St Peters's College Saltley 1944-1978

M.A. (Oxon) Seaman R D H

Towards a New Russian Work Culture: Can Western Companies &...

Ovsey Shkaratan, Gordey Yastrebov, et al.

China's Great War Machine in the Sino-Indian Context

YSM (Retd) Banerjee AVSM PVSM Lieutenant General Gautam