Fantasy romance

Dark Brew

Diana Rubino

An Angel's Song

Sharon Saracino

Dixieland Dead

Penny Burwell Ewing


Gini Rifkin


Marilee Brothers


Laura Strickland

Dragon Prince

Alyna Lochlan

Diomere's Healer

Sabrina a Fish

Messing With Magic

James Wearne

Immortal Justice

Faith V Smith


Mary Morgan

The Haunting of Josh Weston

Melinda Rucker Haynes

The Searcher: No Boundaries

Rosilla Bradley Rogers

The Hiring Fair

Laura Strickland

The Crystal Flame

Shirley McCoy

The Wild Mountain Thyme

Kathryn Scarborough

Sole Mates

Pamela Woods-Jackson

Into the Otherworld

Kyra Whitton

The Final Flashpoint

Iona Morrison