Literary theory

Race: The History of an Idea in America

Trinity University) Gossett Professor of English Thomas F. (Professor of English

The Domain of the Novel: Reflections on Some Historical...

distinguished schlar and professor of Literature) Kaul A. N. ((1930-2017)

Theories of the Text

City University of New York) Greeth Professor of English and Medieval Studies D. C. (Professor of English and Medieval Studies

The Other Virgil: `Pessimistic' Readings of the Aeneid in...

Texas A&M University) Kallendorf Craig (Professor of English and Classics

The Nature of Narrative: Fortieth Anniversary Edition |a 40th...

Ohio State University) Phel Humanities Distinguished Professor of English James (Humanities Distinguished Professor of English, University of Virginia) Kellogg Professor of English Robert (Professor of English, et al.

Picture-Book Professors: Academia and Children's Literature

Melissa M. (University of Edinburgh) Terras

Stand in the Trench, Achilles: Classical Receptions in...

Whitman College) Vandiver Elizabeth (Clement Biddle Penrose Associate Professor of Latin and Classics


USA) Epstein Ian (Apple News

Modernism and Its Environments

USA) Rubenstein Dr Michael (Stony Brook University i Dr Justin Neuman

A World of Difference

Barbara (Harvard University) Johnson