Anthologies (non-poetry)

A Waif of the Waves.

Sydney Watson

Ovingdean Grange. a Tale of the South Downs. Illustrated by...

William Harrison Ainsworth i Hablot Knight Browne

Lady Kilpatrick. [A Novel.]

Robert Williams Buchanan

Johnny Gibb of Gushetneuk, in the Parish of Pyketillim; With...

William (University of California Davis USA) Alexander

Hazelton: A Northumbrian Story.

William (University of South Florida) Murray

Essays and Reviews [Reprinted from the Edinburgh and North...

Prof Benjamin Jowett i Henry Hill Lancaster

The Life and Works of Robert Burns. Edited by Robert Chambers.

University of London) Burns Robert (Goldsmith's College

A Resolute Purpose. [A Novel.]

Katharine Ashburner