Architectural structure & design

Capital Drawings: Architectural Designs for Washington, D.C.,...

The Library of Congress) Peatross and Engineering Collections Design Architecture C. Ford (Curator

The Pitched Roof: Architecture Manual

Barbara Burren i Martin Tschanz

New Natural Home

Dominic Bradbury

Traditional Details: For Building Restoration, Renovation,...

Charles George Ramsey i Harold Reeve Sleeper

Light Spaces: Designing and Constructing with Plasterboard

Kerstin Schultz i Hedwig Wiedemann-Tokarz

Architecture & the Custom Home: The Process of Design

Rick Kadello i Ph.D. Larsen Dr Paul

Unified Design

Arup Associates

Simplified Design of Concrete Structures

James Ambrose i Patrick Tripeny

Building Envelopes

Jenny Lovell

OfficeUS Agenda

Ana Miljacki, Ashley Schafer, et al.