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Beautiful Books - make perfect presents

First Chapter Books (short chapters, lots of illustrations) - 5+

Next Steps Chapter Books (more words, great illustrations) - 7+

Super Readable - great for reluctant or dyslexic readers

Graphic Novels 9-12s

Books in verse - try them, they are brilliant 9-12s

Favourite Picture Books To Read Again and Again

Brilliant Board Books

Detective and Mystery Books 7-9s

Exciting adventures and quests 7-9s

Detective and Mystery Books 9-12s

Exciting adventures and quests 9-12s

Difference, friendship, family, loss, fears, kindness - 9-12s

Fantasy and Magic 9-12s

Funny, silly and entertaining - 8-12s

WWII books 9-12s

WWI books 9-12

Sport in fiction 9-12s

Science in fiction 9-12s

Non-Fiction 6-12

Top YA Fiction

Graphic Novels - Teen/YA

Books in verse - Teen/YA

Coming of age books -Teen/YA

Fantasy and Adventure - Teen/YA

Big issue books - Teen/YA

Mystery and Intrigue - Teen/YA

WWII books - Teen/YA

Friendships and Relationships - Teen/YA

Dystopia - Teen/YA

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The Secret Garden

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