Think Like a Pony on the Ground: Work Book Bk. 2


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All pony-mad children (and their parents) want a pony who has perfect manners, is confident, happy and, above all, safe. This series of education workbooks, based on understanding pony behaviour, shows how you can create the pony of your dreams.

By working through simple, fun exercises, with and without a pony, you (and your parents) will discover what makes ponies 'tick'. This series of books shows how you can use that knowledge to develop a wonderful relationship with your pony, based on leadership, trust and communication.

These first three books (step1, step 2, and step 3) cover training on the ground. They contain imaginative exercises to train both ponies and handlers, using signals that ponies can readily understand. The exercises are designed to improve all aspects of handling and are an essential preparation for riding.

Chapters include:
  • Becoming a leader
  • Please follow me and respect my personal space
  • Asking your pony to move his front end and his hindquarters
  • Using signals of rhythmic pressure to ask your pony to move his front end and his hindquarters
  • Asking your pony to pick up his feet  

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