The Wild Unknown Alchemy Deck and Guidebook


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Kim Krans’s NEW YORK TIMES bestseller THE WILD UNKNOWN TAROT (375K copies sold) launched a culture-shifting brand that redefined tarot for the twenty-first century. Now comes Krans’s next deck in her bestselling series, THE WILD UNKNOWN ALCHEMY DECK AND GUIDEBOOK.

This stunning oracle deck reveals insights into the ancient mysteries of alchemy: the metaphorical process of turning lead (unconsciousness) into gold (enlightenment). Alchemy is the doorway to the imagination and self-discovery. You do not need to be an expert in metals, symbols, astrology, or Latin to become an alchemist. Whether a baker, mechanic, surgeon, seamstress, or surfer—those who become masters of their materials are all alchemists. The magic of Alchemy is available to anyone who is willing to explore, observe, and invoke transformation.

Paired with a 224-page, hand-lettered, fully illustrated guidebook written and designed by Kim Krans, THE WILD UNKNOWN ALCHEMY DECK includes 71 beautiful, easy-to-shuffle hexagon cards divided into six suits: The Cosmic Forces, The Colors, The Seasons, The Materials, The Mysteries, and The Operations. Illustrated in Krans’s iconic style of elegant line art and lush watercolor painting, each full-color card offers a tool for self-study and exploration, expressed through symbol, image, and language. The unique shape of the cards allows edges to meet and images to meld and transform, with all-new connecting spreads, including readings for revealing energetic and emotional blockages, identifying what is serving and what is draining, and much more.

Through this profound experience of observing image, color, and materials with an alchemical perspective, new gifts and discoveries are revealed. This deck is a journey to awakening and reuniting us with what may be dormant or unseen as we begin to weave together the physical and mystical aspects of our lives.

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