The Tropical Agriculturalist Groundnuts

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"The Tropical Agriculturalist" is a series of practical field guides and textbooks for: farmers and farm managers; agricultural extension officers and development workers; agricultural diploma, degree and vocational students; teachers and lecturers in agricultural universities and colleges; senior secondary students; adult education programmes; and researchers and others needing introductory methods. Groundnut, better known as peanut, is a leguminous food and feed crop vital to the subsistence and income of millions of small-scale farmers in the developing world's semi-arid and subhumid zones. Its popularity with consumers worldwide is growing rapidly, allowing producing countries opportunities to build a valuable export trade. This book summarizes the state of knowledge on the crop, first introducing readers to groundnut products and markets before describing the plant and its environment, best practices for growers, how to harvest and process the crop, common pests and diseases, and research to develop improved varieties. Two final chapters deal with the special requirements of seed production and the edible groundnut market. The book is packed with practical advice, making it of use to new growers and others needing an introduction to the crop.

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