The Magic Ball of Wool

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Winner at the 2013 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards. A magic ball has mysteriously appeared and will help to weave the most beautiful friendship between the animals of the forest.

One morning, a hedgehog wakes up to find a mysterious ball of wool caught in his prickles. Why would he want a ball of wool?, he wonders in dismay. His friend the spider, who was an expert knitter, encouraged him to start knitting, teaching him all the keys and secrets to making a perfect sweater. Fascinated, all of the forest animals come to his house and the hedgehog happily knits something for each of his visitors. CLICKETY-CLICK, CLICKETY-CLICK… A stitch here, a stitch there… When the hedgehog stops knitting, he realizes something amazing—the ball of wool is magic!

A charming tale of friendship, generosity and kindness that will bring out the best in young readers by encouraging them to help others.

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