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This is an introductory textbook looking at the twelve major world religious traditions. Each religion is considered in three equal parts: its history, beliefs and practices. In an introductory book such as this, only a broad description is given, and it will undoubtedly apply more to the majority tradition than a small subgroup within it. However the book is written with subgroups and further subdivisions in mind, and aims to be as inclusive as possible in its descriptions of histories, beliefs and practices.

The book is designed with the undergraduate in mind, and presents a clear and condensed portrait of the major traditions whilst giving a sense of the importance and scope of religion in the human experience. Each chapter follows a consistent format for ease of use. The pages are laid out with boxed features on the right side of right-facing pages which provide short summaries of the major features of each religion; these are designed as quick study aids and a fast entry into the world of religious traditions. The book also comes with a CD-ROM

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