Sandor Katz's Fermentation Journeys: Recipes, Techniques, and Traditions from around the World

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Selected as a best cookbook of the year by BBC Food Programme

‘…the high priest of fermentation - the Guardian

‘The godfather of fermentation.’ -The Telegraph

‘Sandor Katz’s teachings and writings on fermentation have changed lives around the world.’ - Dan Saladino, BBC’s The Food Programme

From Sandor Katz - New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Fermentation, and the world’s most respected advocate of all things fermented - comes his first new cookbook in nearly a decade; destined to become a modern classic. 

For the past twenty years, Sandor Katz has travelled the world, learning, teaching and sharing his knowledge of fermentation, discovering fascinating techniques for creating fermented foods. Sandor Katz’s Fermentation Journeys is the long-awaited follow up to the award-winning The Art of Fermentation, where Sandor shares the recipes, processes, cultural traditions and stories from around the globe that have inspired his life’s work.

This new cookbook explores the transformative process of fermentation through local customs and ceremonies along with detailed descriptions of traditional fermentation techniques. Katz profiles farmers, makers, and experimenters who he has met on his lifelong culinary journeys, and shares their important stories and connections to truly extraordinary fermented foods.

It contains over 60 recipes for global ferments, including:

  • Chicha de jora (Peru)
  • Misa Ono's Shio-koji, or salt koji (Japan)
  • Doubanjiang (China)
  • Efo riro spinach stew (Nigeria)
  • Whole sour cabbages (Croatia)
  • Chucula hot chocolate (Colombia)

Katz reminds us that the magical power of fermentation belongs to everyone, everywhere. Perfect for adventurous foodies, armchair travelers, and fermentation fanatics who have followed Katz's work through the years, this book reflects the enduring passion and accumulated wisdom of this unique and much-loved man,

who is arguably the world's leading voice on all things fermented. 

‘In his Fermentation Journeys, Sandor Katz’s life of curiosity-filled travel and exploration elicits a sense of wonder as tastes, sights, and smells leap off the pages to ignite your imagination.’ – David Zilber, chef, fermenter, food scientist, and coauthor of The Noma Guide to Fermentation

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