Retail Spaces: Small Stores 2

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This, the second volume of Retail Spaces: Small Stores, builds upon the overwhelming success of the first and features 56 of the newest and most innovative small stores. This exciting segment of the industry continues to drive retailing forward with store designs that prove the old adage "good things come in small packages" With careful design and exciting visual presentation, this book showcases for you some of the best examples of small stores that are generating big sales and profits that rival their much larger competitors and far exceed what the square footage might suggest. Retail Spaces: Small Stores, No. 2 takes you around the world, from the retail centers of North America and Europe, to India, China, Australia and South America. This volume also features a diverse range of retailers. In addition to fashion boutiques and shoe stores, you'll visit wine shops, jewelry and electronics stores, sellers of household goods and cosmetics, several pharmacies and a cookie shop. What you'll notice as you visit these gems of the retail world is that what makes these stores so successful is they all have their own individual look as well as they all incorporate the principles of successful retail design With more than 400 color photos and concise editorial that examines the designer challenges and solutions Retail Spaces: Small Stores, No. 2 is chock-full of ideas and inspiration.

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