Racism and the Tory Party: From Disraeli to Johnson


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Racism is an endemic feature of the Tory Party. Tracing the history of that racism, Racism and the Tory Party investigates the changing forms of racism in the party from the days of Empire, including the championing of imperialism at the turn of the 20th century and the ramping up of antisemitism, the imperial and ‘racial’ politics of Winston Churchill, the rise of Enoch Powell and Powellism, to the Margaret Thatcher years, the birth of ‘racecraft’ and her polices in Northern Ireland, and the hostile environment and its consolidation and expansion under Theresa May and Boris Johnson’s premierships. Throughout the book, all forms of racism are addressed including the various forms of colour-coded and as well as non-colour-coded racism as they are put in their historical and economic contexts.

This book should be of relevance to all interested in British politics and British history, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students studying the sociology and politics of racism, as well as for students of the history of the development of British racism and of imperialism and its aftermath.

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