Pregnancy, OMG!: The First Ever Photographic Guide for Modern Mamas-to-Be


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WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME THIS COULD HAPPEN?! - This is not the thought you want to be having when you're frantically Googling whether your pregnancy symptoms are normal or an emergency.

Just when you thought there could never be another pregnancy book, Pregnancy, OMG! comes along, and you realise how much the current market is missing. Did you know that: your nose can change size and shape? Your fingernails, far from growing long and strong, can crack or fall off? You can completely (temporarily) lose your sense of smell? That 5% of women grow a third boob? More seriously, that 25-50% percent of the partners of women with postpartum depression develop it themselves, or that 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage?

This is a one-stop guide to every change a woman's body can go through while pregnant, and is unlike anything for expectant parents on the market: it is illustrated by full-colour photographs of a diverse set of real pregnant women of all shapes, sizes and ages. Featuring Nancy Redd's trademark warmth, humour, and candor, and partnered with the advice and vetting of a medical expert, this book tackles embarrassing, confusing, and less-widely discussed issues that many pregnant women face. It offers practical tips and techniques to ease even the strangest problems, helping to dispel panic and shame, and providing women with the resources they need for a healthy pregnancy.

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