Post-Keynesian Principles of Economic Policy

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Post-Keynesian economics is moving beyond criticism of mainstream economics and is focusing on providing a positive alternative to orthodoxy. This book gathers carefully selected and original papers by a number of distinguished post-Keynesian writers from Europe and the Americas and converges on the principles that should guide post-Keynesian economic policy in the 21st century.

The policy prescriptions examined and discussed in this book include the New Consensus, inflation targeting, fiscal and monetary policies to name but a few. It puts forth a coherent approach to policy and is divided into three components: monetary policy, fiscal policy and effective demand, and international issues, including discussion of currency boards, dollarization and the EMU. The contributors aim to emphasize the post-Keynesian ability to provide renewed principles of economic policy in contrast with the failures of the mainstream approach.

Scholars and researchers of economics and political economy at all levels will find much to engage them within this book.

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