Optical Interference Filters Using MATLAB

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Optical Interference Filters Using MATLAB® provides a foundation for the development of MATLAB code for simulating the performance of thin-film optical structures that can be combined to make interference filters. MATLAB has excellent calculation and visualization capabilities that together are well aligned to the matrix methods commonly used for thin-film calculations. The simulations developed in this book begin with filters based on simple dielectric materials both with and without dispersion. Building on the discussion of these simple filters, simulations are next developed for metal-layer-based induced-transmission filters, and finally for complete thin-film interference filters. Readers ranging from students to practicing scientists and engineers will find that these simulations work well in conjunction with other textbooks in the field, or they can stand alone. The ability to generate custom programs and tune them to explore specific features of optical interference filters is anticipated to enhance the designer’s understanding and appreciation of the subtleties involved in filter design.

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