Novel Tree Breeding

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Tree breeding is at a crossroads. Many countries have completed their first generation of traditional breeding by selecting superior phenotypes and estimating breeding values for characteristics of interest following long-term and costly field-based progeny trials. Now there are new technologies around. Tree breeders are looking at advancements made in the areas of crop and animal breeding to see how DNA-markers can be used to speed the process up, increase the genetic gains and lower the overall costs. The challenges facing tree breeders are changing too. In additional to the original reasons for selection and breeding there is often the need for selected populations to remain resilient in the face of a changing climate and increased incidents of damaging outbreaks of new or previously benign diseases. In February 2012 a number of tree breeders from across Europe gathered together in South Scotland for one week to compose different æChaptersÆ for this monograph. Their objective was partially retrospective to consider where tree breeding has got to but then to consider how new breeding technologies can help the tree breeder in theory and in practice. The book is a presentation of the current state of the art and how it might develop. Importantly, the book identifies the need to continue high through-put yet accurate phenotyping as well as genotyping, and the need to consider genetic variability well into the future. The book and its component Chapters are presented as a conduit to further reading. They are presented here for the students of tree breeding past, present and future as well as others interested in the possible new directions of tree breeding.Key words: genomic; genome-wide selection; association; quantitative traits; adaptation.

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