Managing Your Arthritis

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Arthritis is the biggest single cause of physical disability in the UK, affecting nine million people. Contrary to popular belief, it can affect anyone at any age. Nevertheless, this debilitating condition is often ignored as something to be endured: an old person's problem that cannot be treated. This book shows that this is most certainly not the case.

The truth is that arthritis can be managed, and this comprehensive guide shows you how to control your condition, reduce the pain, and avoid its crippling effects.

Managing your Arthritis includes:

*Detailed information on the major forms of arthritis and how to manage each kind *Advice about diagnosis and obtaining the appropriate care *Summaries of treatments - medications, combination therapies and surgery *Information on how exercise, weight control and relaxation techniques can help to manage pain and improve well-being, and sample exercises to try *Guidance on the pros and cons of food supplements, herbal remedies and alternative therapies

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