Grounded: A Fierce, Feminine Guide to Connecting with the Soil and Healing from the Ground Up

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We know the environment is in trouble - and we are seeing direct effects on human heath as a result. Only after we restore our natural connection with the earth can we help to heal it and ourselves. This is the premise of Grounded, at once a clarion call and revolutionary guide from author Dr. Erin McMorrow.

With Grounded, McMorrow teaches us how to transform ourselves, our socioeconomic systems, and the environment that sustains us by aligning with the natural cycles of the earth. McMorrow explores both the ecological and spiritual basis of our existing climate crises - including what is happening with our soil and carbon cycles - sharing a critical framework for understanding how we have gotten into our current state. She then shows how reconnecting with the divine feminine is the key to turning the tide, offering insights and practices for doing this sacred work.

It is estimated that we have fewer than 60 harvests left in our world’s soil and that our oceans will be 70 percent more acidic in just 30 years. These are not doomsday prophecies - this is our realistic future if we do not take action now. “Being grounded involves rooting within ourselves to expand in the world,” explains McMorrow. “It means getting centred and navigating from a place of power, clarity, creativity, and balance.” Grounded gives us the wisdom and tools to initiate a transformation to save our lives and our planet.

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