Atheism and Liberation

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In this powerfully argued book, with its incisive analysis of modern art, literature and theology, the author claims that an authentic atheism can purify Christianity by demanding that faith should cease to be a substitute for courage or commitment to change. And as he looks at the thought and writing of Nietzsche, Feuerbach, Freud, Bertrand Russell, Marx, Sartre and Camus he shows how atheism is not something to be feared, but even an sally for faith'. He puts forward good reasons for his view. Looking round the world he sees a pallid and ineffective Christianity. The creative side of its message of love seems virtually to have been lost; apparently it involves no more than the theoretical acceptance of vague principles. God can appear as no more than an idol who blesses and protects the power and possessions of the better off in a global society unfairly divided into rich and poor. In such a context, who are the real atheists? Those who accept the name, but fight for a civilization based on equality and love, or those who call themselves Christians, but accept the status quo? Here is more than just another collection of words. It is a passionate call for commitment. want these lines to be my final goodbye to the intellectual world. I have felt its attractions, but I think I have discovered its phoniness. Every idea is hollow if it is not fleshed out in real life. I don't know whether the book I have written is of any value. But as for myself, I am going to try to live out its contents with the oppressed.'

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