World Crime/Thriller Fiction

Per Number 10 Literature + Lifestyle

Per Number 10 Literature + Lifestyle

World Crime/Thriller Fiction

Take It Back

Kia Abdullah

The Bus on Thursday

Shirley Barrett

Beton Rouge

Simone Buchholz

The Hit

Nadia Dalbuono

The American

Nadia Dalbuono

The Heart Tastes Bitter

Victor del Arbol

The Crocodile

Maurizio de Giovanni

Witness the Night

Kishwar Desai

The River

Peter Heller

The Good Son

You-jeong Jeong

One Year Later

Sanjida Kay

Dear Mr. M

Herman Koch

City of Good Death

Chris Lloyd

The Invisible Guardian

Dolores Redondo

The Legacy of the Bones

Dolores Redondo

Berta Isla

Javier Marias


Louise Penny


Gregory David Roberts

The Bone Readers

Jacob Ross

Station Eleven

Emily St. John Mandel

Dying to Live

Michael Stanley

The Ringmaster

Vanda Symon

The Break

Katherena Vermette

The Mask Collectors: A Novel

Ruvanee Pietersz Vilhauer

Fifth Dimension

Martin Vopenka

Black Souls

Gioacchino Criaco

The Shape of Water

Andrea Camilleri


G. D. Abson

The Coral Bride

Roxanne Bouchard