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Under The Sea 🦀

Peep Inside the Sea

Anna Milbourne i Simona Dimitri

Sea Creatures


A First Book of the Sea

Nicola Davies i Emily Sutton

Little Lift and Look Under the Sea

Anna Milbourne i Mariana Ruiz

Under the Sea

Madeline Tyler

Look Inside Seas and Oceans

Megan Cullis i Bao Luu

100 Things to Know About the Oceans

Minna Lacey, Jerome Martin, et al.

The Oceans Explored: Ocean Pollution

Claudia Martin i Fiona Osbaldstone

The Oceans Explored: Ocean Life

Claudia Martin i Fiona Osbaldstone

Colours of the World: Blue Planet

Moira Butterfield i Jonathan Woodward

Oceans and Seas

Miranda Baker i Gareth Lucas

Deep in the Ocean

Lucie Brunelliere

See Inside Oceans

Emily Bone i Kim Johnson

The Sea: Exploring our blue planet

Miranda Krestovnikoff i Jill Calder

Listen to the Seaside

Marion Billet

Saving the Seas

Azra Limbada

First Encyclopedia of Seas and Oceans

Ben Denne, Felicity Brooks, et al.

Wipe-Clean Under the Sea Activities

Kirsteen Robson i Manuela Berti

Eco Baby: Oceans

Lorna Freytag

Blue Planet II

Leisa Stewart-Sharpe i Emily Dove

Earth's Incredible Oceans

Jess French i Claire McElfatrick

Hidden World: Ocean

Libby Walden i Stephanie Fizer Coleman

A Turtle's View of the Ocean Blue

Catherine Barr i Brendan Kearney