The Soul of Football: Dead or Alive?

Per The Book Labyrinth

Per The Book Labyrinth

Football reading which exposes the money and machinations behind elite football and also brings us back to why we love the beautiful game and a celebration of how it uplifts and enriches our life. 聽Discover the dark side of our national game or reflect on simpler times, or perhaps be inspired to help create a new ethos around football and its culture.

St. Pauli: Another Football is Possible

Carles Vinas i Natxo Parra

14,99 鈧 13,94 鈧

The Uncomfortable Truth About Racism

John Barnes

20,00 鈧 18,60 鈧

The Accidental Footballer

Pat Nevin

20,00 鈧 18,60 鈧

The Farther Corner: A Sentimental Return to North-East Football

Harry Pearson

16,98 鈧 15,79 鈧

For football fans who want to be entertained, educated and feel the soul of the game needs to be cherished. A funny, poignant and melancholy masterpiece.

Injury Time: A Novel

Duncan Hamilton

18,98 鈧 17,65 鈧

Football Cliches

Adam Hurrey

10,99 鈧 10,22 鈧

Who Are Ya?: 92 Football Clubs - and Why You Shouldn't Support Them

Kevin Day

14,99 鈧 13,94 鈧

Who are Ya? Football trivia perfection, that's who. Look no further for Football Fans of all ages and tribes!

What We Think About When We Think About Football

Simon Critchley

8,99 鈧 8,36 鈧

Discover the great footballing philosophers, Heidegger, Zidane, Sartre, Clough and Klopp!

Extra Time: 50 Further Delights of Modern Football

Daniel Gray

12,99 鈧 12,08 鈧

Wonderfully thoughtful collection of short essays to dip into over which reminds us why we love the beautiful game.

The Miracle Of Castel Di Sangro

Joe McGinniss

11,99 鈧 11,15 鈧


Francesco Totti

14,99 鈧 13,94 鈧

Turning Season, the: Ddr-Oberliga Revisited

Michael Wagg

12,99 鈧 12,08 鈧

Brazil 82: The Day Football Died

Stuart Horsfield

16,98 鈧 15,79 鈧

Be Good, Love Brian: Growing Up with Brian Clough

Craig Bromfield

16,98 鈧 15,79 鈧

Fever Pitch

Nick Hornby

9,99 鈧 9,29 鈧

A Greater Glory: From Pitch to Pulpit

Gavin Peacock

11,99 鈧 11,15 鈧

A Season With Verona

Tim Parks

10,99 鈧 10,22 鈧

Ultra: The Underworld of Italian Football

Tobias Jones

9,99 鈧 9,29 鈧

A Natural

Ross Raisin

9,99 鈧 9,29 鈧