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The Birds & The Bees 🐝

Sounds of the Skies: Discover amazing birds and wildlife

Moira Butterfield i Jonathan Woodward

Bird House

Libby Walden i Clover Robin

RSPB Nature Guide: Birds

Catherine Brereton i Kate McLelland

Bird Sounds

Sam Taplin i Federica Iossa

RSPB First Book Of Birds

David Chandler i Anita Ganeri

Birds to Spot

Kirsteen Robson, Sam Smith, et al.

Nest Is Noisy

Dianna Hutts Aston i Sylvia Long

Peep Inside a Beehive

Anna Milbourne i Stephanie Fizer Coleman


Campbell Books i Teresa (Illustrator) Bellon

Kew: Lift and Look Bees

Tracy Cottingham

Honey Bee

Grace Jones

The Book of Bees

Piotr Socha

The Bee Book

Charlotte Milner


Harriet Evans

Look Inside the World of Bees

Emily Bone i Jean Claude