Richard Herring's Festive Gift Giving Guide

Per Hay Festival

Per Hay Festival

Richard Herring is a stand-up comedian and writer, whose early work includes making up one half of the comedy double act Lee and Herring. He was a pioneer of comedy podcasting, with his shows The Collings and Herrin Podcast and Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast interviewing various high-profile comedians and public figures. His latest book Can I Have My Ball Back? tells the story of his testicular cancer diagnosis through a comedic lens. Here are the top books he recommends for gifting over the festive season...

Murder at Crime Manor: Martin's Fishback's ridiculous second Detective Roger LeCarre parody 'thriller'

Fergus Craig

12,99 鈧 12,34 鈧

Had me laughing out loud from the very first line. The funniest book of the year and surprisingly gripping as a thriller too. As long as you can ignore the silly bits. Which are all of it.

The Book That No One Wanted to Read

Richard Ayoade i Tor Freeman

10,99 鈧 10,44 鈧

Funny, meta and philosophical. My seven year old Phoebe loves it and so do I. Never have I thought of the world from a book鈥檚 point of view before. But I will now.

Stone Blind

Natalie Haynes

18,99 鈧 18,04 鈧

A modern day take on the myth of Medusa, told from her point of view, with a touch of Monty Python. I will never be able to enjoy Clash of the Titans again after this.

The Man Who Tasted Words: Inside the Strange and Startling World of Our Senses


16,99 鈧 16,14 鈧

Fascinating accounts of our senses, documenting stories of people who lack one of the or have unexpected crossovers between them. Sometimes illuminating, sometimes harrowing.

Super-Infinite: The Transformations of John Donne - Winner of the Baillie Gifford Prize for Non-Fiction 2022

Katherine Rundell

16,99 鈧 16,14 鈧

Fantastic and beautifully (and poetically) written biography of John Donne, as well as a testament to the brutality of life in his time.

God: An Anatomy - As heard on Radio 4

Francesca Stavrakopoulou

25,00 鈧 23,75 鈧

An exhaustive and brilliant account of God鈥檚 bodily form (yes, even that part) which starts with the bombshell of whose God鈥檚 dad was.