Read For Empathy 2022 - Primary Selection

Per Dyslexic Librarian

Per Dyslexic Librarian

Read For Empathy 2022 - Primary Selection

The Proudest Blue

S. K. Ali, Ibtihaj Muhammad, et al.

A Shelter for Sadness

Anne Booth i David Litchfield

Amara and the Bats

Emma Reynolds

My Beautiful Voice

Joseph Coelho i Ms. Allison Colpoys

The Invisible

Tom Percival

Can Bears Ski?

Raymond Antrobus i Polly Dunbar

Eyes That Kiss in the Corners

Joanna Ho i Dung Ho

Nen and the Lonely Fisherman

Ian Eagleton i James Mayhew

Luna Loves Art

Joseph Coelho i Fiona Lumbers

What Happened to You?

James Catchpole i Karen George

Tisha and the Blossom

Wendy Meddour i Daniel Egneus

The Dog that Saved the World (Cup)

Phil Earle i Elisa Paganelli

Swallow's Kiss

Sita Brahmachari i Jane Ray

Sona Sharma, Very Best Big Sister

Chitra Soundar i Jen Khatun

Stars With Flaming Tails: Poems

Valerie Bloom i Ken Wilson-Max

Being Me: Poems About Thoughts, Worries and Feelings

Liz Brownlee, Matt Goodfellow, et al.

Front Desk

Kelly Yang

The Shark Caller

Zillah Bethell i Saara Soederlund

Mohinder's War

Bali Rai

The House on the Edge

Alex Cotter i Kathrin Honesta

How to be Me

Cath Howe

The Great (Food) Bank Heist

Onjali Q. Rauf i Elisa Paganelli

The Last Bear

Hannah Gold i Levi Pinfold

Mayhem Mission

Burhana Islam i Farah Khandaker


Nicola Davies