Our Scorched Earth

Per Simply Books

Per Simply Books

There is no planet-B .... confronting the climate crisis

Flight Behaviour

Barbara Kingsolver

9,99 鈧 9,29 鈧

good story, good writing, good science ..... a compelling novel

The Overstory: The million-copy global bestseller and winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction

Richard Powers

9,99 鈧 9,29 鈧

an absorbing read written with passion, understanding and knowledge

How Bad Are Bananas?: The carbon footprint of everything

Mike Berners-Lee

9,99 鈧 9,29 鈧

a 'go to book' about the carbon cost of everything

Climate-Smart Food

Dave Reay

20,00 鈧 18,60 鈧

an informative and fun look at the 'greenhouse' impact of what we eat - from a healthy breakfast to a fish and chips supper with champagne!

What We Need to Do Now: For a Zero Carbon Future

Chris Goodall

8,99 鈧 8,36 鈧

I was sufficiently enthused by this book to send a copy to my local MP!

There Is No Planet B: A Handbook for the Make or Break Years - Updated Edition

Mike Berners-Lee

9,99 鈧 9,29 鈧

The title says it all - a look at where we are now, where we are headed and how it needs to change.

No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference

Greta Thunberg

3,99 鈧 3,71 鈧

Greta Thunberg speaks unflinchingly for her generation. A book for everyone.

How to Avoid a Climate Disaster

Bill Gates

20,00 鈧 18,60 鈧

This is an optimistic call to arms without shying away from the scale of the problem.

Our Final Warning: Six Degrees of Climate Emergency

Mark Lynas

20,00 鈧

We know what one degree of warming is like -the here and now. Read this and find out what each degree rise means for us.

Is It Really Green?: Everyday Eco Dilemmas Answered

Georgina Wilson-Powell

12,99 鈧 12,08 鈧