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Our Planet, Earth 🌏

The Earth

Steffi Cavell-Clarke

Planet Earth

Campbell Books i Naray Yoon


Susan Martineau i Vicky Barker

Book of Planet Earth

Matthew Oldham, Megan Cullis, et al.

100 Things to Know About Planet Earth

Jerome Martin, Alice James, et al.

Lots: The Diversity of Life on Earth

Nicola Davies i Emily Sutton

The Ultimate Book of Planet Earth

Anne-Sophie Baumann i Didier Balicevic

The Big Earth Book

Lonely Planet Kids, Mark Brake, et al.

Life on Earth: Planet Earth

Heather Alexander i Andres Lozano

Project Earth

Camilla De la Bedoyere

The Usborne Encyclopedia of Planet Earth

Anna Claybourne i Gillian Doherty


Martha E. H. Rustad

The Story of Climate Change

Catherine Barr, Steve Williams, et al.

Climate Change

Tom Jackson i Cristina Guitian

Climate Crisis for Beginners

Andy Prentice, Eddie Reynolds, et al.

Climate Action: The future is in our hands

Georgina Stevens i Katie Rewse


Charlotte Guillain i Chris Madden

Volcanoes and Earthquakes

Anita Ganeri, Chris Oxlade, et al.

Everything: Volcanoes and Earthquakes

National Geographic Kids

The Earth Book: A World of Exploration and Wonder

Jonathan Litton i Thomas Hegbrook

Planet Rescue

Patrick George

Helping Our Planet

Jane (EDFR) Bingham i Various

Activists Assemble - Save Your Planet

Ben Hoare i Jade Orlando

100 Things to Know About Saving the Planet

Jerome Martin, Tom Mumbray, et al.

Like the Ocean We Rise

Nicola Edwards i Sarah Wilkins

Planet Earth Activity Book

Lizzie Cope, Sam Baer, et al.