Nourishment for the belly and the soul.

Per Jay Rayner

Per Jay Rayner

Here are a few books that I've loved very much over the past few months. Some of them are about food, but not all. A couple of them are mine. Those books are my children. I love them. Of course I was going to include them because I want you to love them too.

Hungry: The Highly Anticipated Memoir from One of the Greatest Food Writers of All Time

Grace Dent

16,98 鈧

A superbly written memoir of food and growing up. With added butterscotch Angel Delight.

The Hungover Games: The gloriously funny Sunday Times bestselling memoir of motherhood

Sophie Heawood

14,99 鈧 13,94 鈧

A rollicking account of one woman's rackety journey into parenthood.

My Last Supper: One Meal, a Lifetime in the Making

Jay Rayner

9,99 鈧 9,29 鈧

Look, this is my page. Did you really think I wouldn't include my own titles? This one is all about me. And my journey in search of my last meal on earth. Jeff Goldblum loved it. You will too.

BOX 88

Charles Cumming

14,99 鈧

I recently read three spy novels by Charles Cumming in quick succession. He became the friend I needed. A writer who understands the spy novel perfectly, and the importance of both serious plot and character. I ate it up.

The Book of Jewish Food: An Odyssey from Samarkand and Vilna to the Present Day

Claudia Roden

26,00 鈧 24,18 鈧

With restaurants closed I've been writing about cookbooks. This, by Claudia Roden, is a masterpiece. Google my name and Claudia's to find the article I wrote. Then buy the book.

The Food of Sichuan

Fuchsia Dunlop

30,00 鈧 27,90 鈧

Another one of the cookbooks I've written about. You need colour in your life. And vivacity. You need this. As with Claudia's book, you can find my piece about it courtesy of a quick google.

Roast Chicken and Other Stories

Simon Hopkinson i Lindsey Bareham

22,00 鈧 20,46 鈧

And a third of the cookbooks. An absolute classic, which will be a friend to you. Again google Hopkinson's name and mine to find the piece I wrote about it.

Wasted Calories and Ruined Nights: A Journey Deeper into Dining Hell

Jay Rayner

5,00 鈧 4,65 鈧

A collection of some of my most negative restaurant reviews, from a time before Covid when this sort of thing was okay. You like negative reviews because you're a horrid person. Enjoy.


Nora Ephron

9,99 鈧 9,29 鈧

Simply one of the greatest novels involving food ever written from the writer of When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle. It's about love, sex, adultery and key lime pie.

The Madness of Grief: A Memoir of Love and Loss

Reverend Richard Coles

16,98 鈧 15,79 鈧

Not quite published yet (at time of posting) but I've read an early proof and it's a very good, unflinching portrait of love and grief.

A Greedy Man in a Hungry World: Why (Almost) Everything You Thought You Knew About Food is Wrong

Jay Rayner

9,99 鈧 9,29 鈧

Yes, yes. Another one of mine. But one I still want people to read. It looks at all the things that middle-class foodies hold dear: local, small scale, organics etc - and asks whether they really are the route to true sustainability. It's also funny. I promise you.

Scoff: A History of Food and Class in Britain

Pen Vogler

20,00 鈧 18,60 鈧

Pen Vogler is a brilliant historian and here, uses her many gifts to get to the heart of our class-ridden approach to eating.

Jikoni: Proudly Inauthentic Recipes from an Immigrant Kitchen

Ravinder Bhogal

26,00 鈧 24,18 鈧

Ravinder Bhogal is a great cook, blessed with exquisite taste. You will want this book in your life. I dream of her scrag end pie, a kind of spiced Shepherd's pie.

Jews Don't Count

David Baddiel

9,99 鈧 9,29 鈧

An urgent, brilliantly argued and gloriously short interrogation of why anti-Semitism is not taken as seriously as other forms of racism. The more people who read this the better.