Natalie Haynes' Gift Giving Guide

Per Hay Festival

Per Hay Festival

Natalie Haynes is an author, broadcaster and stand-up comedian, who has dedicated her career to making the Classics accessible. Her first book The Ancient Guide to Modern Life emphasised the many parallels between the ancient and modern worlds, and her first novel The Amber Fury tells the story of an exasperated teacher who turns to the Classics to reach her students. More recently, Natalie has been reimagining Greek myths in Pandora's Jar and the upcoming Stone Blind. Here are the top books she recommends for gifting over the festive season...

Aristotle's Way: Ten Ways Ancient Wisdom Can Change Your Life

Edith Hall

9,99 鈧 9,49 鈧

Do you feel like you could live a better life? Aristotle can help you with that, and Edith Hall can help you with Aristotle.

Bournville: From the bestselling author of Middle England

Jonathan Coe

20,00 鈧 19,00 鈧

I already loved Jonathon Coe鈥檚 work, and then he wrote a book set in the exact part of Birmingham where I grew up. Everyone in my family is getting a copy of this for Christmas.

The Dark is Rising: The Dark is Rising Sequence

Susan Cooper

7,99 鈧 7,59 鈧

I buy this for at least one person every December. There鈥檚 also a BBC R4 version coming Christmas, adapted by Hay Favourite Rob MacFarlane.

Great Goddesses: Life lessons from myths and monsters

Nikita Gill

12,99 鈧 12,34 鈧

The moon writes a love letter to Artemis is just one of the beautiful poems in this collection.

Elizabeth Finch: From the Booker Prize-winning author of THE SENSE OF AN ENDING

Julian Barnes

16,99 鈧 16,14 鈧

I love everything JB writes, and this book is a slender elegy on love and thinking.

Shrines of Gaiety: From the global No.1 bestselling author of Life After Life

Kate Atkinson

20,00 鈧 19,00 鈧

A gorgeous trawl through the dark underbelly of London nightlife in 1926.