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Music to My Ears

A History of Singing

John Potter i Neil Sorrell

Bach's Feet: The Organ Pedals in European Culture

New York) Yearsley David (Cornell University

Music: A Mathematical Offering

Dave (University of Aberdeen) Benson

Bach: A Musical Biography

Peter (University of Edinburgh) Williams

J. S. Bach: A Life in Music

North Carolina) Williams Peter (Duke University


Robert Cannon

The Song Cycle

Laura (University of Manchester) Tunbridge


Arnold Whittall

Wagner's Melodies: Aesthetics and Materialism in German...

David (University of Cambridge) Trippett

The Making of the Victorian Organ

Nicholas (Guildford Cathedral) Thistlethwaite

Renaissance Polyphony

Fabrice Fitch

Electronic Music

State University of New York) Schedel Margaret (Stony Brook University, Scott (University of Birmingham) Wilson, et al.