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Per Simply Books

Per Simply Books

There's some serious stuff here - all compiled by our very own newshound.聽

The Splendid and the Vile: Churchill, Family and Defiance During the Bombing of London

Erik Larson

10,99 鈧 10,22 鈧

If you think you know about the Churchill Story, think again. A 'cinematic history' that casts a fascinating new light on our 'Darkest Hour'.

Failures of State: The Inside Story of Britain's Battle with Coronavirus

Jonathan Calvert i George Arbuthnott

20,00 鈧

As we await the 'official' inquiry, the Sunday Times Insight team gets its teeth into the Johnson government's handling (mishandling?) of the COVID crisis.

Those Who Forget: One Family's Story; A Memoir, a History, a Warning

Geraldine (Author) Schwarz

10,99 鈧 10,22 鈧

A brave and consequential book about the role that memory plays in dealing with the horrors of the Third Reich.

Left Out: The Inside Story of Labour Under Corbyn

Gabriel Pogrund i Patrick Maguire

18,98 鈧

As Keir Stamer tries to steer Labour in a new direction, this revelatory book offers a bumpy ride on the rollercoaster of Corbyn's leadership. Warning: there are more lows and than highs!

The War Against the BBC: How an Unprecedented Combination of Hostile Forces Is Destroying Britain's Greatest Cultural Institutio

Patrick Barwise i Peter York

12,99 鈧 12,08 鈧

Everyone has a view about the BBC's vices and virtues. A touch polemical, this books is also an evidential call to arms for those who believe Auntie is worth supporting.