Exciting New Children's Fiction for 2021

Per Norfolk Children's Book Centre

Per Norfolk Children's Book Centre

Exciting New Children's Fiction for 2021

Show Us Who You Are

Elle McNicoll

Darwin's Dragons

Lindsay Galvin


M. G. Leonard

The Incredible Record Smashers

Jenny Pearson i Erica Salcedo

The Memory Thieves

Darren Simpson

Julia and the Shark

Kiran Millwood Hargrave i Tom de Freston

Space Oddity

Christopher Edge

The Swallows' Flight

Hilary McKay

A Secret of Birds & Bone (paperback)

Kiran Millwood Hargrave

City of Rust

Gemma Fowler

The Shark Caller

Zillah Bethell i Saara Soederlund

Arctic Star

Tom Palmer i Tom Clohosy Cole

Noah's Gold

Frank Cottrell Boyce i Steven Lenton

The Nightsilver Promise


The Boy Who Met a Whale

Nizrana Farook

Front Desk

Kelly Yang

Tsunami Girl

Julian Sedgwick i Chie Kutsuwada

Bigfoot Mountain

Roderick O'Grady

Into the Volcano

Jess Butterworth

Murder on the Safari Star

M. G. Leonard, Sam Sedgman, et al.


Louie Stowell

The Time-Thief

Patience Agbabi

The Secret Detectives

Ella Risbridger

Felix Unlimited

Andrew Norriss

Wave Riders

Lauren St John

A Glasshouse of Stars

Shirley Marr, Kathrin Honesta, et al.

Maria's Island

Victoria Hislop i Gill Smith

How to Be Brave

Daisy May Johnson

The House on the Edge

Alex Cotter i Kathrin Honesta

Song of the Far Isles

Nicholas Bowling


Vashti Hardy

My Big Mouth

Steven Camden i Chante Timothy

Between Sea and Sky

Nicola Penfold

Our Beautiful Game

Lou (Author) Kuenzler

Planet Omar: Epic Hero Flop: Book 4

Zanib Mian i Kyan Cheng

Hope Jones Clears the Air

Josh Lacey i Beatriz Castro

Storm Horse

Jane Elson


Alastair Chisholm

The Elephant in the Room

Holly Goldberg Sloan


Eli Brown

Lightning Falls

Amy Wilson

The Wild Before

Piers Torday

No Man's Land

Joanna Nadin

Poison for Breakfast

Lemony Snicket i Margaux Kent

The Ash House

Angharad Walker

Aarti & the Blue Gods

Jasbinder Bilan


Thomas Taylor

By Rowan and Yew

Melissa Harrison

Pax, Journey Home

Sara Pennypacker i Jon Klassen

Locked Out Lily

Nick Lake i Emily Gravett

The Book of Stolen Dreams

David Farr i Kristina Kister

Fireborn: Twelve and the Frozen Forest

Aisling Fowler i Sophie Medvedeva

Wishyouwas: The tiny guardian of lost letters

Alexandra Page i Penny Neville-Lee

The False Rose

Jakob Wegelius

Following Frankenstein

Catherine Bruton

The Lion Above the Door

Onjali Q. Rauf

Dragon Skin

Karen Foxlee

The Ice Whisperers

Helenka Stachera

Shadow Town

Richard Lambert


Lucy Hope

The Chime Seekers

Ross Montgomery

Saving Celeste

Timothee de Fombelle