Books We Love For Learning Cool Stuff!

Per Boggledybook Children’s Bookshop

Per Boggledybook Children’s Bookshop

Books We Love For Learning Cool Stuff!

Know Your Feelings!: Help Your Friendships Flourish!

Beth Cox, Natalie (Founder of Power Thoughts) Costa, et al.

How To Change The World

Rashmi Sirdeshpande i Annabel Tempest

Activists Assemble: We Are All Equal!

Shannon Weber i Jade Orlando

The Street Beneath My Feet

Charlotte Guillian i Yuval Zommer

The Skies Above My Eyes

Charlotte Guillain i Yuval Zommer

100 Things to Know About History

Minna Lacey, Jerome Martin, et al.

100 Things to Know About Science

Jonathan Melmoth, Various, et al.

100 Things to Know About Planet Earth

Tom Mumbray, Various, et al.

Politics for Beginners

Louie Stowell, Alex Frith, et al.

Climate Crisis for Beginners

Andy Prentice, Eddie Reynolds, et al.

Amazing Animal Journeys

Chris Packham i Jason Cockcroft

The Egyptians

Jonny Marx i Chaaya Prabhat

Sounds of the Skies: Discover amazing birds and wildlife

Moira Butterfield i Jonathan Woodward

Sounds of the Wild: Discover incredible island animals

Moira Butterfield i Stephanie Fizer Coleman

Once Upon an Atom: Questions of science

James Carter i Willian Santiago

Colours of the World: Blue Planet

Moira Butterfield i Jonathan Woodward

Colours of the World: Green Planet

Moira Butterfield i Jonathan Woodward

Kids Can Cook

Esther Coombs

Write Your Own Story Book

Louie Stowell i Katie Lovell

Cities of the World

Becky Davies i Josie Portillo

All About Eid: Things to Make and Do

Sarah Shaffi i Aaliya Jaleel

The Variety of Life

Nicola Davies i Lorna Scobie


Anna Claybourne i Louise McNaught

Amazing Muslims Who Changed the World

Burhana Islam, Saffa Khan, et al.

The Extraordinary Book That Eats Itself

Susan Hayes, Penny Arlon, et al.

Lists for Curious Kids: Animals

Tracey Turner i Caroline Selmes

FACTopia!: Follow the Trail of 400 Facts

Kate Hale, Britannica Group, et al.

The World In My Kitchen: Global recipes for kids to discover...

Sally Brown and Kate Morris i Kate Morris

History Atlas

Thiago de Moraes

First Cookbook

Angela Wilkes i Stephen Cartwright

Wild Child: A Journey Through Nature

Dara McAnulty i Barry Falls

A Scientist Like Me

Dr Shini Somara i Nadja Sarell

Listified!: Britannica's 300 lists that will blow your mind

Andrew Pettie, Britannica Group, et al.