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Big Brother

Re-Engineering Humanity

New York) Selinger Evan (Rochester Institute of Technology i Brett Frischmann

Love Online: Emotions on the Internet

Israel) Ben-Ze'ev Aaron (University of Haifa

The Psychology of the Internet

University College) Wallace Patricia (University of Maryland

Technology and Isolation

Clive (University of Cambridge) Lawson

Conquest in Cyberspace: National Security and Information...

California) Libicki Martin C. (RAND Corporation

Cyber Criminals on Trial

Canberra) Urbas Gregor (Australian National University, Canberra) Smith Russell G. (Australian Institute of Criminology, et al.

Cyber Security and the Politics of Time

Tim (King's College London) Stevens

Cyber Warfare and the Laws of War

Heather Harrison Dinniss

Cyberpsychology and the Brain: The Interaction of...

Thomas D. (University of North Texas) Parsons

Darkweb Cyber Threat Intelligence Mining

Ahmad (Arizona State University) Diab, Paulo (Arizona State University) Shakarian, et al.

Social Media and Morality: Losing our Self Control

Lisa S. (University of Pittsburgh) Nelson

Principles of Cybercrime

Victoria) Clough Jonathan (Monash University

Regulating Speech in Cyberspace: Gatekeepers, Human Rights...

Emily B. (University of Calgary) Laidlaw

Sexting and Cyberbullying: Defining the Line for Digitally...

Montreal) Shariff Shaheen (McGill University

The Internet in the Workplace: How New Technology Is...

Patricia (The Johns Hopkins University) Wallace