Woodcuts and Engravings by Albert Durer: Collected and Described by T.D. Barlow

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Albert Durer was born in Nuremberg on 21 May 1471. He began his career under the tutelage of Michael Wolgemut, the eminent German painter and printmaker, before travelling through Germany and to parts of Italy. In 1494 he returned to Nuremberg, where he remained until his death on 6 April 1528. Although an artist and a fluent and engaging writer, it is Durer's woodcuts and engravings that most demonstrate his enviable creative skills. Indeed, the editor of this volume, T. D. Barlow, argues that Durer can indeed be reckoned one of the all-time masters of his craft. Within this 1926 volume, Barlow has chronologically catalogued almost 300 of Durer's engravings; it is the result of many years' work. The finished product will be of great interest as a reference work for scholars engaged in the study of Durer's work and in the distribution of his impressions and their reproductions.

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