Wong's Essentials of Pediatric Nursing: A South Asian Edition

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Wong's Essentials of Pediatric Nursing, First South Asia Edition, provides a well-refined, in-depth, and advanced body of knowledge in pediatric nursing to ameliorate, excel, and outshine the professional skills of nurses both in theory as well as in practice. It enhances a nurse's abilities in handling a child in a comprehensive manner. The book covers a cocktail of all the essential topics, has pictorial representations, notes enclosing the important information, and nursing diagnosis that helps the nurses to prioritize and carry out the nursing care and procedures in an orderly fashion. This text strives to help nurses utilize their maximum potential for the holistic care of a child.

. Abides completely by the curriculum prescribed by the INC . Elaborate and detailed explanation with illustrations . Explicit definitions and meanings . Crystal clear diagnoses and limpid rationales . Pellucid charts and tabulations for better understanding . Intelligible language apt for all . Pictures for easy identification

. Content adapted for the current South Asian nursing setup . Current data and statistics pertaining to the South Asian region assimilated . State-of-the-art concepts and literature added to reflect the regional perspective . Regional pictures added to provide regional look and feel . Age-wise pictures included for better understanding of concepts

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