When Poems Fall from the Sky

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When Poems fall from the Sky, published in association with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, is written by acclaimed poet Zaro Weil and illustrated by rising star, Junli Song. Zaro and Junli's first book, Cherry Moon 978 1909991 941, was published in May 2019 and received widespread praise and admiration for its beautiful poetry and stunning illustrations.The poems, story-poems, raps, rhymes, haiku and little plays inside this fantastical anthology about nature are a riot of imagination, humour and joy. In exquisitely illustrated full colour pages trees, birds, animals, rivers, flowers, mountains and insects each share their own magical stories. And the stories they tell, the 'poems' that fall from the sky, subtly and powerfully illuminate our hope and collective role as guardians of our earth. Original, inspiring and intimate - When Poems Fall from the Sky - celebrates the marriage of science and poetry.

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