W Tungsten: Metal, Chemical Reactions with Metals Zinc to Lawrencium

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The present volume continues the description of the chemical reactions of eiemental tungsten started with "Tungsten" Suppl. Vol. A 7. It covers the reactions with the metallic elements from zinc to actinoids. The treatment includes phase diagrams, bulk reactions, and surface processes which again are of outstanding importance in most systems. The raader is referred to the introductory remarks on pp. X/XI. Frankfurt am Main Ernst Koch November 1987 Introductory Remarks Abbreviations In order not to overload the text, the following abbreviations are sometimes used without definitions in the present volume, in addition to the abbreviations usual in the Gmelin Handbook. a. c. alternating current AE Auger electron Auger electron spectroscopy(ic) or spectrum AES bcc body-centered cubic CPD contact potential difference counts per second cps d. c. direct current DTA differential thermoanalysis Fermi Ievel EF EI electron impact ELS electron energy loss spectroscopy or spectrum EMF, emf electromotive force fcc face-centered cubic FE field emission field electron (emission) microscope(ic) FEM FES field emission spectroscopy FIM field ion microscope(ic) F-N Fowler-Nordheim hcp hexagonal close-packed 6 L Langmuir=1*10- Torr*s LEED low energy electron diffraction monolayer ML PES photoelectron spectroscopy PSD photon-stimulated desorption RHEED reflection high energy electron diffraction room temperature RT SI secondary ion SIMS secondary ion mass spectrometry TDS thermal desorption spectroscopy(ic) or spectrum TE thermionic emission total energy distribution TED UHV ultra-high vacuum UPS ultra-violet photoelectron spectroscopy(ic) or spectrum XPS X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy(ic) or spectrum Gmelin Handbock WSuppl. Vol.

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