Urban Planning in the 21st Century

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This book contains several key factors of urban growth in today's world: natural vegetation, air quality, birds, and energy. The impact of city growth, which diminishes natural vegetation, is explored. The SaudAr project is a study that helps us better understand urban air pollution and ways to minimise its impact. The four stages of this study are presented. Furthermore, the need to maintain diverse communities of birds is shown to improve the ecological quality of the urban areas in which we live. Using a fuel cell network system, a prediction of a reduction of 46% of fuel capacity is anticipated. The Sub-Saharan African cities are experiencing substantial urban growth. In these areas as well as others, geospatial technology can be used as a valuable tool in sustainable land use planning. Another chapter suggests measures to turn cities in urban Africa into productive centres. Finally, several case studies of lowland regions are examined showing the effectiveness of using landfill volume in zoning code guidelines.

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